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Web Extension

One of the most important feature of morfeo is the Web Extension.

Morfeo Web Extension

With the extension you'll always be able to see your theme and play with it.


You can install it by going to chrome web store and add it to your plugins:

Add Morfeo to Chrome
Browser compatibility

It is also compatible with Edge and Brave, Firefox and Safari will soon be available


Once you have done the installation, open the chrome devtool by inspecting the page or simply typing: alt + cmd + j, you'll see a new tab called Ⓜ️ Morfeo:

dev tool

Try it right now in this website to see a sample theme provided by us!

Use it in your application

Enable dev tool in your application it's pretty easy, just install @morfeo/dev-tools:

# npm
npm i @morfeo/dev-tools
# yarn
yarn add @morfeo/dev-tools

then in your app, just call the function enableMorfeoDevTool:

import { enableMorfeoDevTool } from '@morfeo/dev-tools';
import { myTheme } from './myTheme';


morfeo.setTheme('light', myTheme);

Components customization

Use it with caution!

This feature is very helpful to present your components in a nice way but it will change the real component style. So, use it consciously.

Sometimes the style of a component couldn't be enough consistent to present it in a nice way inside the web extension.

const Flex = {
tag: 'div',
style: {
display: 'flex',

In this case it could be needed to add an additional style, in order to present the component in a better way. You can use the devtoolConfig property inside meta to define these additional behaviors.

const Flex = {
tag: 'div',
style: {
display: 'flex',
meta: {
devtoolConfig: {
label: 'Flex Div',
style: {
size: '100px',
bg: 'gray.light',
background: 'white',

devtoolConfig Props

labelthe text used as component children in the web extensionstring
stylethe default style of the component in the web extensionStyle
backgroundthe default background for the card that contains the componentColor Record<string, Color> (where the string is the theme name)


We want to improve the web extension as much as possible and add functionalities, If you want to help us, check our GitHub!

If you want a particular functionality or you found a bug, please, open an issue here